Bison at Lake Audy, Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba

Respect the habitat. Your visit to an area should be low-impact (leave no trace of yourself). Carry out any refuse with you, and refrain from damaging any habitat.

Feeding wild animals is not a good idea. In fact, it’s illegal.

Be aware that your sound and/or scent may frighten an animal and make viewing difficult. Move silently and try to travel downwind from where you expect to find an animal.

The opposite of the above tip is true when travelling in an area inhabited by dangerous animals. When travelling through bear country (or anywhere
else where you might encounter a potentially dangerous animal, such as a moose), carry a noisemaker, such as a bell, or speak or whistle as you travel.  A surprised animal feels threatened,  and may react to your sudden appearance in a hostile manner.

Your two best tools are timing and patience. Find out what season and what time of day are best for viewing the desired animal. Then settle yourself in, out of sight, and watch, wait, and enjoy.