Loons, Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba

With its plentiful forests, fields and wetlands, the Parkland has long been a haven for a multitude of bird species. Find out why birders have been travelling to the Parkland from across North America by checking out some of the sites listed below.

Asessippi Provincial Park

Near and around Lake of the Prairies observant birders can see American goldfinches, kingbirds, common nighthawks, ruffed grouse, warblers and vireos. The lake itself is a good spot to view American white pelicans, many species of ducks, great blue herons and western grebes. Sandhill cranes make an appearance in September.

Located at: Asessippi Provincial Park

Duck Mountain Provincial Park

During your visit, you may spot hawks, warblers, woodpeckers, grouse, woodcocks, and many more species.

Located at: Duck Mountain Provincial Park

Riding Mountain National Park

Riding Mountain National Park is an excellent location to experience birding. The Park’s Birder’s Checklist is available at the Visitor Centre to help you keep track of approximately 260 bird species found in the area, all waiting to be seen among the natural beauty of this unspoiled habitat.

Located at: Riding Mountain National Park

Swan River Valley

The Swan River Valley is at the crossroads for northern and southern species of birds, as well as eastern and western birds. A great variety of habitat and species makes the valley a prime location for birding. Areas of most activity for birding are trails in the mountains, as well as local bird feeders, wetlands and a 100-box nesting trail. Expect to view peeps, waders, daublers, divers, golden-winged warblers, and perhaps even an albino red-tailed hawk.

Located at: Swan River