Parkland Tourism Association | Manitoba, Canada


Deep, clear lakes... fast-flowing streams... trophy fish in any of a half-dozen or more species... when you add it all together, it amounts to a once-in-a-lifetime angling experience to be found in the Parkland. Deep down in cool, spring-fed lakes dwell prize-winning walleye. Monster northern pike lurk in shallow weed beds. The patient fly-fisher, meanwhile, is often rewarded with a brown or rainbow trout measuring up to 75 cm (30 inches) or more.

Anglers will be interested to know that provincial records for brook trout, brown trout, rainbow trout, and carp were all caught in the Parkland. Parkland waters can also yield a good catch of smallmouth bass, splake, northern pike, perch and muskellunge, and some of the best walleye fishing in the world will be found here.

Among the many fine waters of the Parkland, these are some that anglers will most want to test (please consult a provincial Anglerís Guide for regulations particular to each lake):

Arrow Lake (Rossburn)

The lake is abundant with walleye, perch and rainbow and brown trout. Arrow Lake Ranch is located off Hwy. 45 at Vista between Rossburn and Oakburn, MB.

Blue Lakes (Duck Mountain Provincial Park and Forest)

Duck Mountain's Blue lakes are a good pair to try. Trophy rainbows, splake, and the odd lake trout are waiting to be pulled from East Blue Lake. West Blue Lake (electric motors only) features good walleye fishing.

Located in Duck Mountain Provincial Park on PR366.

Childs Lake (Duck Mountain Provincial Park and Forest)

Open year-round, Childs Lake is accessible by road. Fishing for lake trout, northern pike, splake, and walleye. Most services are available at the lake, including boat and canoe rentals, gas, guide services, fish processing, tackle, bait, and licences.

Dauphin Lake (Dauphin Lake)

Dauphin Lake has developed a walleye fishery to rival Lake of the Prairies. If fewer walleye are caught here, it's not by many, and the walleye coming out of Dauphin Lake are reportedly bigger than their cousins to the west. Fish weighing 1.4 - 1.8 kg (3-4 lbs) or more are the norm for this lake. This is a very shallow lake, so take care when boating.

Located 15 km (9.5 miles) east of Dauphin on PTH20.

Glad Lake (Duck Mountain Provincial Park and Forest)

Fly-fishers are recording good catches of rainbow trout and arctic char from this lake in the Ducks. A 1-1/2 km (1-mile) hike from the gravel pit opposite the west side of Glad Lake takes you to Line Lake, where you can try for muskie and walleye.

Located on the east side of PR366 as you travel through the park.

Goose Lake (Roblin)

Though small, Goose Lake has an excellent reputation among fly-fishers throughout North America. The lake is artificially aerated to keep trout healthy through the winter months. Rainbows up to 76 cm (30 inches) have been documented here.

Located in the town of Roblin.

Lake of the Prairies (Asessippi Provincial Park)

One of the premier walleye sport fisheries in North America, Lake of the Prairies, measuring 67 km (42 miles) from end to end, is a man-made lake, the result of the construction of the Shellmouth Dam on the Assiniboine River. The annual catch of walleye from this lake has been as much as five times the provincial average. You can also expect good perch and pike fishing here. Tackle and bait shops are plentiful. Ice fishing is popular here during the winter months.

Located at Asessippi Provincial Park, 20 km (12.5 miles) north of Russell on PTH83; or travel 10 km (6 miles) west of Roblin on PTH5.

Sandy Lake (Sandy Lake)

Excellent summer and winter fishing may be had at Sandy Lake, where the walleye fishing is reportedly very hot. Facilities at the lake include a beach, playground, two campgrounds, horseshoe pits and boat rentals. (Note: Dogs are permitted on the beach, but they must be leashed.)

Located on PTH45 ten minutes west from PTH10 right in the community of Sandy Lake.

Seech Lake (Seech)

Located south of Riding Mountain National Park, this lake is known for its pickerel and northern pike -- great for family fishing. A beach and swimming area are also available.

Shilliday Lake (Duck Mountain Provincial Park and Forest)

The exclusive domain of fly-fishers, who fish here for rainbow trout. Electric motors only.

Located 2 km (1.25 miles) west of East Blue Lake in Duck Mountain Provincial Park.

Stuart and Wargatie Lakes (Horod)

These two lakes, located south of Riding Mountain National Park, are pickerel and jack lakes -- great for family fishing. Nearby Wasamin Creek is known for its brook trout.

Tokaryk Lake (Oakburn)

This lake has earned a reputation as one of the best in Canada for fly-fishing. Expect to land brown trout, and some big rainbows.

Located 6.4 km (4 miles) north of Oakburn on PR577, then 1.6 km (1 mile) east and 1.6 km (1 mile) north.

Twin Lakes (Boggy Creek)

Located near Boggy Creek, the lakes are a destination for anglers looking for the new and exotic tiger trout hybrid (a brown trout and brook trout cross).

Vini Lake (Porcupine Provincial Forest)

A 2-km (1.25-mile) hike east of North Steeprock Lake in the Porcupine Forest may reward the patient fly-fisher with a nice catch of spar and rainbow trout. Nearby Gass Lake may yield a catch of spar and brook trout.