Parkland Tourism Association | Manitoba, Canada


It is a common misconception that Manitoba's Parkland region was so named on account of the many parks to be found here. According to geographers, the term "parkland" refers to an area where the grasslands of the prairies give way to the more densely forested regions of the north.

Since Riding Mountain was first declared a forest reserve in 1895, people have recognized the scenic beauty of the area, the importance of the habitat for wildlife, and the potential for recreation and relaxation to be found in these lands. In total, nearly 10 000 sq. km (3,900 sq. miles) of the Parkland is shared by the nationally- and provincially-designated parks and forest reserves. Your visit to the Parkland is sure to bring you to one or more of these areas. Below are listed some of the things you can expect to see and do while adventuring here in Nature's playground.