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Asessippi Provincial Park

Asessippi Provincial Park (Asessippi Provincial Park)

Located at the southeastern end of the man-made Lake of the Prairies, Asessippi Provincial Park includes facilities for camping, trails for hiking and snowmobiling, boating, swimming and water-sports on the lake, and some of the best walleye fishing in the province.

Nearby attractions include the Shellmouth Dam, built in 1968 to control flooding downstream along the Assiniboine River. A commemorative plaque and interpretive signage mark the spot of the original Asessippi townsite, now a ghost town. Also popular is the Ancient Valley Interpretive Trail. Steep valley walls along the Assiniboine and Shell rivers provide breathtaking panoramas for those venturing along the park’s trail system. Asessippi Ski Hill & Winter Park provides winter entertainment for skiing, snowboarding and tubing enthusiasts.

Both the Assiniboine and Shell Rivers provide for good canoeing, and rentals are available at Lake of the Prairies. The steeply contoured land around the lake, featuring many hills and valleys, provides a picturesque route for cyclists.

A number of campgrounds surround the lake, which is 67 km (42 miles) in length, making it possible to take a leisurely tour around the lake with several overnight stops. Facilities also include horseshoe pits, ball diamonds, children's playgrounds, and group camping facilities.

Lake of the Prairies has, in the past, recorded an annual walleye catch per square kilometre that is five times greater than the provincial average. Due to the tremendous resources required to keep Lake of the Prairies well-stocked and to preserve the high quality of the fishery, a slot limit on catches has been enacted.

Birding at Asessippi Provincial Park (Asessippi Provincial Park)

Near and around Lake of the Prairies observant birders can see American goldfinches, kingbirds, common nighthawks, ruffed grouse, warblers and vireos. The lake itself is a good spot to view American white pelicans, many species of ducks, great blue herons and western grebes. Sandhill cranes make an appearance in September.

Lake of the Prairies (Asessippi Provincial Park)

A man-made lake which crosses the provincial border into Saskatchewan, Lake of the Prairies was the result of the construction of the Shellmouth Dam, built in 1968 to control flooding upstream on the Assiniboine River. It fills a 67 km (42 mile) stretch of the Assiniboine River valley. Electrical campsites and fishing and houseboat rentals are available. You can also trek along the self-guiding Ancient Valley trail or enjoy the designated swimming area. The Trans Canada Trail follows the valley. Asessippi Ski Area and Winter Park is located just east of the lake.

Lake of the Prairies (Asessippi Provincial Park)

One of the premier walleye sport fisheries in North America, Lake of the Prairies, measuring 67 km (42 miles) from end to end, is a man-made lake, the result of the construction of the Shellmouth Dam on the Assiniboine River. The annual catch of walleye from this lake has been as much as five times the provincial average. You can also expect good perch and pike fishing here. Tackle and bait shops are plentiful. Ice fishing is popular here during the winter months.

Shellmouth Dam (Asessippi Provincial Park)

Shellmouth Dam was built in 1968 to control flooding along the Assiniboine River. The dam measures 21 m (69 feet) in height and 1,218 m (3/4 mile) in length. Lake of the Prairies, which resulted from the construction of the dam, is 67 km (42 miles) long, and straddles the Manitoba-Saskatchewan border. The first 6 km (4 miles) of the lake is Asessippi Provincial Park's central feature.